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Agile Methodology.

At Vidasoft, we align your needs and goals with agile solutions that drive success. Our values are the engine that powers every step we take with you.

1. Planning

This is the initial meeting of each Sprint. The team reviews and adjusts the client's project priorities, setting the goals for the next Sprint.

2. Thinking

Once the goal is set, the team will define the tasks needed to achieve it in the best possible way.

3. Software Development

The team carries out the software development to meet the goal. The client will always have direct communication with the development team through a private channel.

4. Testing

As the team completes tasks to achieve the Sprint's goal, they create automated tests that will ensure the project maintains its quality throughout the different Sprints.

5. Quality Assurance (QA)

The Quality Assurance (QA) team will carry out all the necessary manual and automated tests to try to find any unwanted behaviors in the flow of the software created.

6. Staging

The software will be deployed in a private environment where only the team and the client will have access. This environment will allow the client to check the progress of the project.

7. Sprint Review

At the end of the Sprint, an informal meeting is held where the team presents the improvements made to the client. This fosters collaboration and joint planning for the next Sprint.

8. Learn

Through successive Sprint Reviews, the team deepens its understanding of the client's project goals and priorities, which enhances the quality of the work delivered.


At Vidasoft, every step we take is guided by a set of values that are the essence of our identity. These values not only reflect our philosophy but also serve as the compass that guides us towards the successful completion of each project.



We are committed to doing things right..



We prioritize what really matters.



We develop goal-oriented plans, perfected over years of experience.



We empower the success of your projects because we all benefit from it.

Success Stories.

Our projects have conquered challenges similar to yours. Discover how we have guided technology leaders towards achieving their goals.


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